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Lanco Tactical LLC - Services

At Lanco Tactical we offer various Services.  These included:

NFA Engraving.  


We primarily do engravings on "AR style" receivers, and on AR style receivers we can engrave at two locations shown in the photo above.

We engrave 0.10" high characters at a depth of 0.05"  This exceeds the minimum BATF&E marking requirements of 0.0625" high and 0.03" depth.

We can do engraving on other types of firearms as well as long as the firearm has a large enough flat surface area for us to engrave, and it will "fit" in our engraving machine which allows a maximum length of about 17 inches.  We typically need a space at least 1.25" high and 2.5" wide (or more depending on the length of the text).

The cost for NFA engraving is $55.00 plus tax. The typical process is to drop off the item that needs engraving (along with a copy of the NFA Form 1) and we will get it back to you completed typically in about 3-5 days.  If you want to wait while the engraving is completed you will need to call in to the store and schedule an appointment in advance.  717-367-7221

Ultrasonic weapon Cleaning and Lubrication

   Ultrasonic Cleaning Discount Cards

Ultrasonic cleaning is offered for: Handguns: $35, Long Guns: $50.00, Suppressors: $35.00 and Misc. items start at $25 and be done on a quote basis.  We also offer a Ultrasonic Cleaning Discount Card.  This card is $250 and is good for 10 cleanings!  Stop in or call us for more information! Turn-around time is typically 5-10 days.   NOTE:  Prices shown are for up to 30 minutes of cleaning per item.  If the weapon is extremely dirty any time beyond 30 minutes will be billed in addition to the above rates at our normal gunsmith hourly rate.

Basic Gunsmithing

  • Any type of work on an AR platform weapon except barrel cutting and threading
  • Pistol Sight Installation
  • Trigger instalation (rifles, pistol)
  • Scope/Optic Mounting and Bore Sighting (on magnified optics)
  • Muzzel device swaps/instalation
  • Barrel pin and weld
  • Multiple Certified Glock Armorers on site

Prices and Turnaround time vary greatly for gunsmithing work based on parts availability and other factors. An price and time estimate can be provided over the phone for work; and we will also give you an estimated timeframe when the work is dropped off to be completed.

NFA Fingerprinting and Photos for NFA Form 1


Cost for this service is $25 per person for two printed photos and two completed FBI fingerprint cards.  If you only need the fingerprints done it is just $12.50 for two cards.  In Jan of 2022 we had to invest in a brand new system in order to meet the new requirements for digital fingerprints to be uploaded to the NFA e Form system. (We will not provide the digital fingerprint file to customers) Currently all Eform 1's require that you mail in physical fingerprint cards and do not allow for the upload of the digital fingerprint file.  If this changes in the future we will re-evaluate the digital file policy.  Once you come in and and have the process completed we can reprint your fingerprints and photos for you anytime (without having to do the process again) for the same fee.  Per NFA rules the photos must be taken no more than one year before the NFA paperwork is submitted.  Our digital system allows us to update the photo in our system without having to redo the fingerprints if the photo is older than one year. 

NOTE:  If you are buying an NFA item from us we include the first persons fingerprints and photos for free.

You do not need to schedule an appointment to have your fingerprints and photos done for NFA paperwork requirements.  However, please be aware that on Saturdays we are much busier than during the week and the process may take a little longer to be completed due to this increased customer level.  Also, if you have a group of 3 or more people coming in to have fingerprints and photos done it is best to call us first and schedule an appointment.  If you have any questions about this service please feel free to stop in or give us a call 717-367-7221

Knife Sharpening


We offer in house professional knife sharpening services! Prices are based on the size of the blade and start at $15 for blades under 5" For an extra $5 we will service and clean the knife (clean the entire knife and lubricate any moving parts). Turnaround for this service is typically one week or less. Knives can be dropped off anytime during normal business hours for service.