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Instructions for Completing NFA Eform 1

You will need to use a regular computer to access the Eform website. The website does not work at all with a tablet or smart phone.  You will also need to have the ability to print a PDF that will be emailed to you from the NFA.

In order to submit an Eform 1 you will need:

  • A digital photo of yourself on the computer you are using so you can upload it on the website. This photo must have been taken within the last year and should be “Passport Style” with a plain white background.
  • You also need to have 2 completed FBI fingerprint cards. We have a system at Lanco Tactical so we can do your fingerprints and photos for you digitally for a $25 fee.  You will mail both of these cards to the NFA with the “Cover Letter” they email you after completing the online process.

Here is a link to the BATF&E website that has general information about the Eform System:

Here is a link directly to the Eform Website:

You will need to go to the Eform website and create a login account.

After you create an account you will then login and begin the process of completing the application.  It is fairly intuitive and steps you through the form one section at a time.

IMPORTANT:  All the information you are entering about the gun you are making into an SBR/SBS should come directly from the gun (or receiver) and match exactly.  This includes the original manufacturer info and the model info.  It must match exactly or they will disapprove it.  (most receiver models are not “AR15” they are something else)

Here are more detailed Instructions for completing the Eform 1 online process:

Here is the BATF&E instructions for using the Eform webiste:

Here are step-by-step instructions made by a Reddit user for submitting a NFA Form 1 through the Eform website:

You will pay for the $200 tax stamp with a credit card as the last step in the submission process.

After your submission is complete you will receive an email from the NFA with two file attachments.  First is a “Cover Letter” that has your information and serial number and control number on it.  This Cover Letter needs to be mailed to the West Virginia address shown at the top of the Cover Letter along with 2 completed and signed copies of your fingerprints on FBI fingerprint cards.  The second file in this email is a copy of the NFA Form 1 paperwork.  You need to print out pages 4,5 & 6 (marked at the bottom “CLEO COPY”) and these pages need to be mailed to whatever CLEO you specified during the process on the website (and printed on the from in item #10.  We ALWAYS suggest you use your local county sheriff.

We hope this information is helpful!