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Our NFA Fingerprint and Photo System is up and running!

We have invested in a system that allows us to capture fingerprints and photos digitally and then upload them electronically to do NFA Eform 4's for our customers!

Moving forward for all NFA Purchases or Transfers you will have the option of doing the Form 4 process either by paper or Eform.  With each NFA purchase from us we will still be doing the fingerprints and photos for free for one person per item. 

PLEASE NOTE:  One MAJOR disadvantage to the Eform system is that there is no ability to correct any error with a submitted Eform application.  So if there is even one small mistake that is either entered by us or by the customer the NFA will disapprove the submission after waiting approx. 6 months and you must restart the entire process.  We have had customers with no actual errors be disapproved as the NFA claims there is an error; and there is no recourse or chance to appeal the decision.  If you use paper submission and there is an error you will have the opportunity to correct the error and not lose your place in the queue.

We are still able to print out Fingerprints for all our customers that are doing NFA Eform 1 applications.

The system allows us to easily upload digital photos and Fingerprints directly to the NFA Eform website system. 

When you come to our store to submit an Eform there are a few very IMPORTANT caveats:

1.  The Eform website must be available at the time you come in or we will not be able to submit an Eform 4 (We suggest calling in first to confirm the site is up and running, or just checking the website yourself by going here:

2. You MUST have a current Eform account and know your User IDPIN, and Email that you used to setup the account (go here to setup your account:  This is VERY IMPORTANT and you need to do this before coming in to our store to start the Eform process.

3. To submit an eform you will need to bring with you a credit/debit card to pay the $200 stamp fee directly to the BATF&E via the Eform website.

After the form has been completely submitted you will receive a confirmation email (to the email account you used when you setup your Eform account).  In this email will be a copy of the CLEO form that you will need to print out and mail in to the CLEO designated during the Eform process.

The Eform process for a trust is VERY different and more time consuming than an individual Eform 4 submission. So if you have a trust please call us for more details about submitting an Eform 4.  717-367-7221  We prefer to schedule a time for you to come in to do an Eform 4 with a trust.  This allows us to make sure we have the staffing in place to be able to process your Eform as quickly as possible.  You will need to bring a copy of your complete notarized trust with you when you come in as this must be scanned and uploaded during the Eform 4 process.

We ask that if at all possible, you do not come in to the store during the last hour we are open to start a Form 4 (paper or eform). If at all possible come in before 6pm Mon-Fri and before 4pm on Sat.  If your schedule is such that this is your only available time please just give us call and we can accommodate your schedule.

The BATF&E has released a video showing how to do a Eform 4 but most of the information is irrelevant to the public and more relevant to FFL Dealers.  Regardless here is a link to the video:

We have created a brief video showing exactly how to create a NFA Eform Account: