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  • The majority of the inventory shown on our website is not reflective of our in store inventory.

  • When you place an order online you have two options:

    • First, you can choose "In Store Pickup".  If you do your order will be shipped from the warehouse to our store and we will call you when it arrives and is ready for pickup.  There is no extra cost for "In Store Pickup".  If the item you order happens to be in stock in our physical storefront we will pull it from our in store inventory and fill your order right away and notify you that it is ready for pickup.

    • Second, you can choose to have the product drop shipped directly to your home.  There will be a shipping fee if you choose this option.

  • There are some manufacturers who will not allow their products to be drop shipped (Sig Sauer is one) so if you order anything from those manufacturers your order must be picked up at our store OR we can ship it to you after it arrives at our store.

  • Currently we have removed All Firearms and Ammunition from our website until Inventory levels begin to return to normal.


All the wholesale warehouses are still delayed with shipping due to the amount of orders being processed.  So expect a 4-7 day delay for any order(s) to even leave the warehouse and be headed to either our store, another FFL, or your home. 

We will continue to handle internet gun transfers for customers buying firearms online from other sellers.  To initiate a the transfer process with us please go to our "Gun Transfers" page here: