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Product Code : MGWSP800


Mfg Item #: SP800

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The RANGEMASTER compact universal tool shares the same design structure and technology as the full size SIGHT-PRO model (MGWSP1000)  , but in a more compact package with some reduced capacity.  The larger MGWSP1000 tool is capable of reaching the front sights on most every model on the market (specifically Colt 1911, and tactical long slides from Smith and Wesson , Springfield etc.).  The RANGEMASTER , being more compact , is limited to a .750" inch reach from the backside of the underlug* on slides in terms of front sight location. (For comparison the MGWSP1000 has a full 1.750" reach).


Realizing that out of the hundreds of pistol models, a very small percentage have the issue with the long underlug, MGW ARMORY has developed this tool to appeal to those wanting the same great features as the full size tool in a more cost effective package while giving up only a little bit of capability. 


Things to note:

1. The RANGEMASTER comes with only 1 pusher block installed. Extra blocks can be purchased separately. Again, this is to keep the CORE price of the unit down to a minimum for those not needing or wanting the angled or specialty blocks.  Those blocks can be bought separately at very reasonable prices.


2. The RANGEMASTER has ALL the same features and adjustability as the SIGHT-PRO. It's only limiting factor is the ability to reach front sights on LONG slides or slides with long underlugs*


3. ALL  of the uppers and lowers on the MGWSP1000 and the MGWSP800 are fully interchangable. 


* the term underlug refers to the metal portion of the slide that houses the recoil spring and guiderod (if present). This feature on the slide is what limits how far the tool can reach the front sight. 



The Range Master tool does not come with any shoes. All shoes are sold separately.

The following shoes are currently available:

  • Glock (All except 42)
  • Springfield XDS
  • Smith & Wesson M&P Shield
  • 1911 (Colt, Sig, Kimber, also Bersa Thunder 9)
  • Springfield XD & XDM (except XDS)
  • Smith & Wesson 3rd Gen 9mm
  • FN
  • SIG (P220, P225, P239, P226, P228, P229)
  • SIG Pro Series
  • Beretta 92
  • Beretta Cougar/PX4
  • HK USP/P2000/P30/P45
  • Smith & Wesson M&P
  • Glock 42
  • Ruger SR Series (9, 40)
  • Bersa BP Series
  • Colt Mustang .380
  • Ruger LC Series
  • Ruger P Series
  • CZ-75
  • SIG P238
  • SIG P938
  • Browning Hi-Power, FEG Hi-Power and Tokarev Pistols
  • Smith & Wesson .380 Bodyguard
  • Smith & Wesson Sigma
  • Smith & Wesson 3rd Gen .45
  • Steyer M40/MPS/M9-A1
  • FN .45 Cal (FNP .45/FNS .45/FNX .45)
  • Kimber Solo Carry
  • Walther P99/PPQ Canik TP9
  • Kahr P40/CW40/PM9
  • Sig Sauer P320/ SIG 250
  • Sig Sauer P224
  • Kahr P45
  • HK VP9
  • Sig Sauer P290 RS
  • Grand Power P11 MK12
  • Walther PPK-S (Not PPS)
  • Ruger SR22 (only for SR22 that does not have rails)
  • Walther PPS

NOTE: We will be adding more and more of the above listed shoes to our website over time. If you have a specific shoe you need with this pusher please email us or note it with your order in the "order notes" section and we will expedite getting that shoe up and listed on our website.

*Due to the fact that MGW makes minor improvements to their products over time, the pusher you receive may look slightly different from the one shown in the photo. We will not accept returns for MGW sight pushers.

Determined at checkout.