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Currently our Retail Store is closed until Wednesday March 25th at 10 AM.

We WILL reopen at 10 AM on Wendesday March 25th but we will be curbside order pickup ONLY:

  • No one will be allowed in our retail store at all.

  • You must call in and place and pay for your order over the phone and then you can come and do curbside pickup of the order. 717-367-7221  We will only be taking phone orders during our curbside pickup hours.

  • If you have a item or firearm(s) here that you either ordered online or at our store; or is on layaway you can come pick it up during our curbside pickup hours.  If you are not sure if your order has arrived at our store please call first or wait for us to call you and notify you that your order has arrived.

  • If you have a gun that was shipped to us for transfer to you, you can come pick those up during the Curbside Pickup hours.  We will call you when your transfer arrives.  If we have not called you yet, it is not ready for pickup.

  • We will only be doing curbside pickup from 10am - 4pm on Wednesday March 25th 2020

  • Starting Thursday, March 26th the curbside pickup hours will be Monday - Saturday 11AM to 5PM until further notice.

  • We realize that this is a great inconvience for customers looking to "shop" for items or firearms and compare product/models, etc.  But for now this is the only way we can figure out to be open currently. 

  • Below is a photo of our store parking area.  If you are picking up a firearm please park in the yellow area (our normal parking lot).  If you are picking up a order that does not have a firearm please pull along side the curb of our store in the area marked in red.

  • Staff from our store will come out to you in your car and get your drivers license to get your order pickup process started.  Please stay in your car.

EVERYONE needs to contact their state representatives and let them know that all PA gun shops are essential and need to be allowed to reopen with resonable limitations!

You can order on our website 24/7 and if an item(s) is available it will say "Available Online" and if it is not a firearm you can have it shipped right to your home from our warehouse partners for a flat shipping fee of around $10.00 normally.

All firearms ordered on our website for in store pickup (or any items you select for in store pickup) will ship to our store and will be available for pickup as soon as we are able to re-open.  We will call you when the firearm/item arrives and is ready for pickup.

PLEASE NOTE:  If you order a firearm from our website and want it shiped to another FFL dealer we CANNOT processs the order until we have a copy of the FFL for that dealer.  You (or the dealer) must send us a copy of their FFL via email at: and reference your order number in the email subject line.  This means the order is not locked in and the inventory is not reserved until we get the FFL.  As fast as guns are selling this is a huge issue.  You may see a firearm as available and by the time we get the FFL a few hours (or more) later they may be sold out.  So make sure you have access to the FFL before you place a order for a firearm otherwise your order may end up having to be cancelled due to the firearm being unavailble.

All the wholesale warehouses are currently crushed under a massive amount of orders.  So expect a 4-7 day delay for any order(s) to even leave the warehouse and be headed to either our store, another FFL, or your home. 

We will continue to handle internet gun transfers for customers buying firearms online from other sellers.  To initiate a the transfer process with us please go to our "Gun Transfers" page here:

We will have a skeleton crew at our store to receive deliveries & internet transfers and restock items as well as clean the store over the next few days but we will not be open to the public.

Updates will be posted to this page as things change so please check back here for the latest information.

Thanks and Be Safe!

Nathan Lamb - President - Lanco Tactical LLC

Last Updated - 3-24-2020 @ 2:10 PM